Reset your Password

There are 3 ways that you can access the Reset your password link in Smokeball:

1. Forgot your Password

2. Reset your Password

3. Go directly to our Reset Password page

Once you have opened the Reset password link, you can use this guide to complete this process, Following the reset password links.

Forgot your Password

If you are trying to log in and have forgotten your Password:

1. Click on Forgot your password

2. Proceed to reset your password (Below)

Reset your Password

If you are already logged into Smokeball however, you have not got a record of your Password (or would like to update/ change this), simply:

1. Go to the Smokeball Main page

2. Click on File

3. Select "Reset your Password"

4. Proceed to reset your password (below)

Following the reset password links

Once you are on the webpage:

1. Enter your email (Note: this needs to be the email you use to log in)

2. Click send

3. Open your outlook and you will see an email called "Smokeball password reset"

4. Click on the Reset password link in the body of the email 

4. Enter in your new password

5. Click save

6. If not already logged in, you can now proceed to the log in screen

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Support Team on 1300 33 55 53 or email

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