Set up two-factor authentication

To ensure the security of sensitive data within Smokeball on your device and to comply with regulations in some states, we have introduced Two-Factor Authentication as an optional selection per staff member.

Setting Up

Two Factor Authentication can be managed via the individual users Staff card. 


To enable 2FA, the user will be required to complete a number of steps in verifying their identity, including: 

  • Smokeball password  

  • Mobile phone verification  

  • Authenticator app*

  *Any Authenticator App you already have should work. If you don't have one, we recommend Google Authenticator

Once setup is complete, the user will now have Two Factor Authentication set up on their account and will be required to authenticate themselves on login going forward. 

We have also added an additional column in the Staff and Users tab to allow firm owners to have visibility over their staff security settings.  

Working with 2FA

Once Two Factor Authentication has been enabled for your account, you will now be required to verify yourself each time you log in to smokeball (via desktop, billing or mobile). 

Good to Know

  • We do not support “remember this device” so the user will be required to verify themselves each time they log in 

  • All users can view their colleagues' 2FA status via the new column in the staff and users tab, however, they will not be able to see the information from within the staff card of others.

  • Users can turn 2FA on for themselves only 

  • Any authentication app will work however, we have recommended the google authenticator within the software 

  • Login credentials will now expire 6 months after a user's first login from v7.5  

  • Users will be prompted to reset their password for 7 days prior to expiry via a yellow bar notification  

  • If they do not reset at this time, they will be presented with a different yellow bar noting that they are working offline and need to reset. 

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