Managing Statutory Deposits

Available on Smokeball Start, Grow and Prosper

Smokeball has made it easy to deal with Statutory Deposits. Simply follow the steps below:

Create the matter in Smokeball

  1. Create a General (or Conveyancing General) matter in Smokeball for Statutory Deposits
  2. Enter the client as the authority to whom you pay the Statutory Deposit funds (Law Society/LIV etc)
  3. Set the matter number as 999999
  4. Override the Description to read Statutory Deposit
  5. Save & Close out the matter

Identify the matter as a Statutory Deposit in Smokeball Billing

  1. Open Smokeball Billing Settings > Accounts
  2. Enter 999999 in the Statutory Deposit Matter box and select the matter you just created
    • (If it doesn't appear, close settings and go back and ensure you closed the matter in Smokeball, then come back and try again)
    • If you are using Smokeball Start, create the statutory deposit matter from the Matter section. Since the matter numbers are auto-generated, the matter number will not be 999999.
  3. Select Save.


Enter Transactions

9. Locate the matter and enter any payments or deposits as usual

Additional tips

  • The Statutory Deposit matter balance will show in the Totals section of your Trial Balance report
  • Any payment or receipt on this matter will appear in the list of reconciled payments or receipts the same as any other matter
  • To get a report of all payments or receipts to your Statutory Deposit, you can select the PRINT button from the transactions Tab in the matter.
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