Statutory Deposit

Smokeball has made it easy to deal with Statutory Deposits. Simply follow the steps below:

Create the matter in Smokeball

  1. Create a General (or Conveyancing General) matter in Smokeball for Statutory Deposits
  2. Enter the client as the authority to whom you pay the Statutory Deposit funds (Law Society/LIV etc)
  3. Set the matter number as 999999
  4. Override the Description to read Statutory Deposit
  5. Save & Close out the matter

Identify the matter as a Statutory Deposit in Billing

6. Open Smokeball Billing Settings > Accounts

7. Enter 999999 in the Statutory Deposit Matter box and select the matter you just created

(If it doesn't appear, close settings and go back and ensure you closed the matter in Smokeball, then come back and try again)

8. Save

Enter Transactions

9. Locate the matter and enter any payments or deposits as usual

Good to Know

  • The Statutory Deposit matter balance will show in the Totals section of your Trial Balance report
  • Any payment or receipt on this matter will appear in the list of reconciled payments or receipts the same as any other matter
  • To get a report of all payments or receipts to your Statutory Deposit, you can select the PRINT button from the transactions Tab in the matter.
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