Trust to Office Transfers

You are able to create a bulk trust payment of invoices on matters that have trust money available by using our Trust to Office function.

Before you start, take a moment to set up your Transaction Numbering for Trust to Office first.

Transaction Numbering

Under Settings > Accounts > Transaction Numbering, we have added an auto numbering option for Trust to Office Transfers. It functions the same way as the other options, with a starting number, prefix, and number of leading zeros.

The Trust to Office Tab

Under the Invoices Section, click on the Tab Trust to Office

This is where you will be creating your Bulk Transfer

Use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow down the displayed list and then select the invoices you want to pay in one batch Trust to Office Transfer by checking the box on the left-hand side.

By default, the Auto Allocate button will be enabled. This automatically applies the maximum available trust amount to the invoice. If you turn this off, the Trust Transfer column field is then editable and only accepts a value that is available in the matter trust.

As invoices are selected, the number displayed in brackets in the PAY button will reflect the number of invoices that are selected.

Click on the PAY button to proceed with the bulk transaction.

Payment Process

Once the PAY button has been clicked, a Trust to Office window appears with a summary of the transaction including the total amount, and the number of invoices and matters affected.

You can then select the Cheque Printing Method - (Select Not Applicable for Bank Transfer)  and enter a reason for the transaction. Note: The reason field is mandatory for compliance.


The cheque process is the same as individual cheque payments however if there is more than one invoice included in the transaction, the remittance and office copy sections will list a table, detailing each matter.

Transaction Details Window

The Transaction Details will display a list of all of the invoices on the Trust to Office Transfer and the paid amount that was allocated to the invoice, as well as the Trust to Office total.


On the Transaction Detail window, click on the Reverse link, which is located at the bottom of the screen. As per normal, provide your reason and click the PROCESS button.

Note: This will reverse all payments on all invoices included in the bulk transfer

Please note that if you view the Transaction Details at a matter, contact, or account level, it will still reverse all of the payments that are linked to the Trust to Office transfer.

List Refinements

The existing trust ledger will display the transaction with the description e.g. Trust to Office Transfer for invoices #1, #5, #23, and #45.

The invoice numbers will be hyperlinked to the invoice and display all the invoices on hover to assist when space does not permit all to be displayed on the list.

Report Refinements

A Multi Amount column has been added to the Trust Transaction History table of the below reports.

· Account Balance

· Account Statement

· Cash Book Payments

· Trust Ledger (printed from Matter)

The Multi Amount column will list the values against each invoice that was a part of the Trust to Office Transfer and the total will remain in the Credit column.

The Paid To reason that is captured whilst processing the transaction, is also displayed in the Reason column.

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation creation screen will display the Trust to Office transfers as a collapsible group so that the user can see the individual invoices that are a part of the transaction.

On the Bank Reconciliation PDF statement, the Trust to Office payment is shown as individual items although the Reference will be the same for them all, which will allow the user to identify that it was a part of a Trust to Office Transfer transaction.

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