Smokeball Word Features

Smokeball's integration in Word is one of the most important features you'll be using in Smokeball. You will be working back and forth between Smokeball and Word daily. With document automation, you'll be able to quickly and accurately generate documents and forms.

There are some important Microsoft Word habits to develop and best practices using Smokeball's powerful integration of Word most importantly utilising the Smokeball Word Ribbon.

To learn more about Microsoft Word visit Microsoft's free training: Word Training

Main Features:

Smokeball Ribbon

  • ​Save & Close: Click on the picture icon to save and close the document simultaneously. ALWAYS USE THIS OPTION WHEN CREATING AND SAVING DOCUMENTS.
  • Save: Save changes and continue to work on the document
  • Save as: Create an additional copy of the document in Smokeball

  • Send: Send an email with the document as a Word attachment, PDF attachment, or the body text of an email

  • Sign: This is InfoTrack Electronic Signatures with Docusign. You'll need to create an account with InfoTrack to use this feature. 
  • Close: Close a document that you do not want to save

Smokeball Toolbar

This feature is very useful for when you need to change any matter details while in a document. Changes made via Smokeball Toolbar will update in your document immediately

  1. Click to open the toolbar and access matter detail
  2. You can click any field to open the matter details


Save to Smokeball and Create a Template from Word

When creating a document outside of Smokeball

  • (1) Save to Smokeball: Save document to a matter, Create a Template to use in Smokeball, or Close and do not save the document
  • (2) Click to open and browse open matters to save document to


Smokeball Envelopes: Use the Smokeball envelopes button to create labels for envelopes

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