Edit Time Entries in Smokeball Desktop

The best practice for editing time entries in the desktop version of Smokeball is to use the time entry review toolbar:

  1. Select the Time & Expenses tab.
  2. Use the timeline in the bottom pane to view all the entries you made on a given day or month.
  3. Use the upper-left pane to select individual entries.
  4. Select the time entry review toolbar on the rightmost pane to make and save edits.

  • You can also delete a time entry by right-clicking on the entry and selecting Delete Fee.
    • Note: It is not possible to delete multiple time and fee entries at the same time.
    • Deleting a time and fee entry is permanent.
    • You cannot delete a time/fee entry that is already associated with a finalized invoice.

  • You can also display a summary of the types of work that make up a time entry by right clicking on the Subject column:


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