Non-Billable Entry

It is possible to create non-billable time/fixed fee or expense entries in Smokeball. Read on to learn to how to create non-billable entries and generate an invoice showing all non-billable time entries. 

Note: All non-billable entries can be added to invoices as well. If you are looking to write off expenses, use the write off or void features.

Create a Non-Billable Time/Fee or Expense Entries

To make a time/fee or expense entry non-billable in Smokeball desktop:

  1. Deselect the billable checkbox on the time/fee entry or expense entry window.
  2. Select Save & Close

To make a time/fee or expense entry non-billable in Smokeball Billing:

  1. Deselect the billable checkbox.
  2. Select Save & Close.

When creating an invoice, under invoice options, select the three vertical dots and then choose Show non-billable items or Hide non-billable items on invoice

You can then select or deselect non-billable entries you do not want to appear on the invoice by using the checkboxes on the left.

Non-billable entries will appear on invoice as a $0 line item.

Non-Billables in Grouped Time Entries

If using grouped time entries created by AutoTime, you can mark the individual entries as non-billable in Smokeball Billing through the Time/Fee Details window.

  • Under the Time & Fees table, the Billable column will have an information icon to indicate that the fee consists of items that are billable and non-billable.

  • By default, non-billable fees are not shown on an invoice and this now includes the non-billable items of a grouped fee.
  • If the user clicks on the Show non-billable fees option on the draft invoice screen, the invoice will show both the billable and non-billable items of a grouped fee.


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