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There are several ways to enter your firm costs and expenses in Smokeball.

Most Smokeball Grow and Prosper users enter their expenses in the desktop version of Smokeball. However, all expenses can be added or edited in the web app as well. Any entries made in Smokeball Desktop or the web app will be available in both places.

Create expense entries on Smokeball Desktop

There are two places to review, enter, or edit expense entries on the desktop version of Smokeball. The recommended practice is to always enter expenses on a matter.

  1. Navigate to the Time & Expenses tab on your matter and then select the Expenses button on the Action Bar.
  2. Enter a date, staff, and subject manually or use an Activity Code.
  3. Enter an optional description.
  4. Enter the quantity and price and then confirm whether this is a billable expense.
  5. Select Save.
    • You can also use Save & New to open another window to enter an additional expense.

Expenses can also be entered under the Time & Expenses page from the Home Screen.

  1. Select the Time & Expenses tab on your home screen.
  2. Select the Expense Entry button.
    • Note: Make sure to always tag a Matter for each entry if you enter your time manually on this screen.

For quick manual entry of expenses, set up Activity Codes and use the quick expenses entry bar.

All expenses can be reviewed and edited within any matter on the Time & Expenses tab.

Print checks to pay for expenses

You can print checks from operating accounts to pay for expenses in the web app.

  1. Select the Time & Fees view and then select New Expense Entry.
  2. Select the Print Check checkbox in the New Expense Entry window.
  3. Complete the Pay To, Check Memo, and Printing Method fields.
  4. Once a check is printed in Smokeball, a journal entry will be created in QuickBooks Online as an advance cost.

Did You Know

You can add last-minute expense entries while creating an invoice in the web app.

You can generate a report to review a summary of the amount of expenses billed for a specified time period in the web app.

You can add an expense entry directly from the Time & Fees page on the web app so long as you specify an appropriate matter.

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