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Available on Smokeball Prosper+

Smokeball's automatically tracks all the time spent through Activity. There is no longer a need to start/stop a timer every time you create a document, email, and even phone calls.

As a result, most Smokeball users use AutoTime to create entries based on time spent automatically. Time Finder will be turned off by default if you are using AutoTime, since AutoTime automatically runs Time Finder.

If you prefer, you can still manually track your time in Smokeball using traditional billing methods.

The best practice is to use features like Activity and Time Finder to make sure you bill for all potential billable time not captured manually. 

Use Time Finder and Activity to Manually Track Time in Smokeball

From multiple places in Smokeball, select the Time Finder button from the Action bar to see any time tracked in Smokeball that is not converted into a Time/Fee Entry.

Note: Time Finder will not be available if you have AutoTime enabled

Time Finder can be filtered by date/time range or staff member

Review all activities to create your entries:

  • Mark items as billable/non-billable and the time spent
  • Select the green check to create a time entry
  • Select the red x to remove the activity from Time Finder. The activity will still be available in Activity Intelligence.
  • Select the yellow ... to open a traditional time entry window and fill in more details.


You can also create time entries from Activity.

All entries added will be available to review/edit or add to an invoice.

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