Communicate Client Portal FAQ


Q: Which Smokeball product tiers have access to the Client Portal?

A: Boost, Grow, and Prosper+ users can all use the Client Portal. 

Q: What types of files can I share on the Communicate Client Portal?

A: DOC and DOCX (Word files), PDF, JPEG, IMG, TXT, and MP4 files.

Q: Is there a file size limit for files I send on the Communicate Client Portal?

A: Communicate does not have a maximum file size limit when you send a file to other staff or to a third party. 

Q: Is there a limit to the size of the files someone can send back to my firm via the Communicate Client Portal?

A: 100 MB via the web. They may be able to exceed this limit via the mobile app, but it will depend on their mobile carrier. 

Q: What is the number of files I can send via the Communicate Client Portal?

A: You can send 130 files per message. If you need to send more than 130 files, you will need to send multiple messages. 

Q: Can I send or receive documents via SMS? 

A: You cannot send documents via SMS. Clients cannot send documents via SMS, but they can if they use the link included in your firm's SMS message to them. 

Learn more about SMS messaging in Smokeball

Q: Can I send an SMS message to a client who does not have an email address?

A: No. However, you can use a fake placeholder email for them instead (e.g., 

Q: Can I invite outside parties to calendar events?

A: Yes. Learn how to invite parties to an event through the Client Portal



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