Automation Toolbar

Once you’ve created your new template in the Forms & Templates Library, the document will open automatically in Microsoft Word.

Smokeball’s Automation Toolbar will open on the right of the screen. The toolbar is used to create field insertions and other automated components of your document template.

Automation Toolbar Basics

  • The Automation toolbar is your place for inserting Fields, Asks, and If/Then/Else Conditional Statements.
    • (1) View and enter in Matter Details while automating templates.
    • (2) Edit Template settings in "details" by selecting the ">" including title of the document or Document Container.
  • There are different types of Automation available in Smokeball
Field Insertion

A Field Insertion is taking any information entered in the Matter Deatils of a Matter and inserting them into your document. Learn more about Field Insertions.


Asks are pop up questions that can be set up to fill in text, dates, numbers, true/false, and multiple choice options. Learn more about Asks.

If/Then/Else Conditional Statements

If/Then/Else are conditional statements built off a Field Insertion or Ask.

If/Then/Else Statements require a more advanced level of Automation knowledge and skill, but provide powerful capabilities to your templates. For example, many Smokeball users have simplified multiple templates into one dividual document using If/Then.Else Statements. Learn more about If/Then/Else Conditional Statements.

  • The Automation Toolbar will default to "show fields."

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