Automation 101

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Smokeball's automation tool is an easy way to fill in documents quickly and accurately. If you have existing templates or forms that you have already created, it is possible to upload them to Smokeball and automate fields.

Create an Automated Template

  1. Upload your template to the Forms & Templates Library. Review Template Creation Basics for additional details.
  2. Click Browse for an existing document if uploading an existing document or select Create from a blank document if you are drafting a new template. 
    • You can upload a PDF or Excel document into the form and template library. You will need to change the view on the bottom right of the screen to have those files visible. Note: You can automate PDFs, but you cannot automate Excel documents.
  3. Name the document.
  4. If applicable, choose a container type from the Container dropdown menu and change location Use containers for your letterhead or caption header to save time automating documents in the future.
  5. Select the Create button.


Document Automation Methods 

There are three ways to automate your templates in Smokeball:

  1. Field Insertion
    • Use a field insertion when you want to take any information from your Matter’s Details and insert it into the document.
    • Learn more about Field Insertions. blobid1.png
  2. Ask
    • Asks are pop-up questions that are filled in with text, dates, numbers, true/false, or multiple-choice options. Use an Ask to further customize your template.
    • Learn more about Asks. blobid2.png
  3. If/Then/Else Statements
    • If/Then/Else are conditional statements built off a Field Insertion or Ask.
    • If/Then/Else Statements require a more advanced level of automation knowledge and skill but provide powerful capabilities to your templates, such as simplifying multiple templates into a single document.
    • Learn more about If/Then/Else Conditional Statements.

Most simple documents can be automated using just Field Insertions and Asks. Examples of information that can be automated are highlighted red in the document below. 

We recommend using generic fields like "client/other side" or "initiating party/responding party" over specific fields. Learn more about Field Insertion Best Practices.


Did You Know

You can use the search tool to find the field you wish to insert when editing a form.

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