Create blank letters and captions

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

One of the most powerful features of Smokeball in saving time and ensuring accuracy of any documents created is document automation.

Besides Forms & Templates, Smokeball can help quickly set up Blank Letter and Blank Caption by selecting the buttons from the Matter Action Bar.

How to Create a Blank Letter

How to Create a Blank Caption

Creating a Blank Letter

  • Select Blank Letter from the Matter Action bar

* You can also select specific contacts from Firm / Business / Organization's that you've added to Smokeball.

  • A letter will be generated from your letterhead uploaded to Document container. Save & Close from the Smokeball ribbon.

Creating a Blank Caption

  • Select Caption from the Matter Action Bar

  • A court caption will be generated from the default "Form" Document Container. Save & Close from the Smokeball ribbon.

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