Communicate Security

Phishing, ransomware, and fraud in email communication is a daily threat for law firms and their clients.

Using Communicate for messaging and file sharing is the best practice for confidential, and secure communication with clients.

What makes Communicate Secure?

  • Two Factor Authentication: Communicate requires two factor authentication for recipients to gain access to any information. Even if email information or password information is compromised, hackers will not be able to access Communicate messages or files sharing without access to your mobile phone.
  • Data Encryption: All messages are encrypted and unable to be intercepted by 3rd parties while they are in transit or at rest.
  • Device / IP Address Memory: Unless you are using a trusted device, Communicate will require two factor identification.
  • Security Monitoring: Communicate uses Auth0 technology with constant monitoring for unknown identities attempting to gain access. Learn more about Auth0 and their security, privacy, and compliance.
  • Terminated Access: If for any reason your trusted device has been compromised, it is quick and easy to remove anyone involved in the conversation from accessing your Communicate conversations.

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