Default Notes

Smokeball allows you to create default matter-specific post it notes and checklists that will automatically appear in the notes widget when a new matter is created.

The best practice is to use Notes as a checklist for items or things you receive. If you are looking to keep track of important "to-dos" or deadlines use Tasks & Workflows.

How to Create a Default Note

  • Select "add a note" under the Notes tab of Matter Configuration
  • Create a Note using (1) Black Text post it note or (2) Checklist post it notes
    • (3) Change the color of how the note will appear in the matter and (4) Save.

  • Once Saved, the notes will appear in new matters created in Matter Widgets

Did you know…

  • You can create a note within an individual matter. You can also Pin certain notes so they appear at the top of the list of notes

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