Estate Planning Workflows

This article walks through a sample workflow for Estate Planning matters. Since every law firm and jurisdiction may be a little different, we encourage you to edit this workflow based on your own preferences or jurisdictional requirements.

If you are new to Smokeball and Workflows, review Workflows on specifics on how to create a workflow. It is simple to assign tasks to an attorney responsible, person assisting, or specific staff members.

Sample Estate Planning Workflow

  1. Initial client meeting (on matter opening)
  2. Asset inventory (on completion of 1)
    1. Order Deeds, Title and other documents
  3. Draft documents (on completion of 2)
    1. Will
    2. Trust
    3. Power of Attorney
  4. Signing of the Will (on completion of 3)
  5. Send client reminder to update their Will if need be (one year after 4 completed)

  • Insert your templates right into the workflow. For example, your Will and Trust templates can be added to the “draft documents task”. Even your letters to send to the clients can be added.

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