Matter Widgets

Widgets are additional organizational tools in each matter. It is possible to arrange the order of Widgets to your preference.

This article walks through the basics of what types of Widgets are available and how to rearrange your Widgets in a matter.

Widgets Basics

Types of Widgets


The Billing widget shows a high level view of balances in Smokeball Billing including Trust, Unbilled, and Unpaid balances. If a user has been disabled from accessing financial information in Smokeball Staff & User Settings, this Widget is unavailable to them,

Next Step

The Next Step Widget shows you a quick view of next task. Use the Next Step to make sure every staff member knows what needs to happen next and manage critical deadlines.

Use the Next Step Report in Reports to see your next Steps across all your matters. Learn more about Next Step.

Upcoming Events

The Upcoming Events Widget will show the next two upcoming Calendar Events for a matter.

File Preview

File Preview is a powerful Widget that allows you to review any file directly from a matter. Learn more about File Preview.

Contact Details

When a contact is selected in Matter Details, the Contact Details Widget gives additional information about the contact without clicking into the contact. You can even create letter or copy the details (vcard) to use elsewhere.


Notes are post it notes on your matter. They can be used as a quick reminder or as a check list of items. Notes can be printed later.

Notes should not be used as a "to-do" check list as Tasks & Workflows are the better feature to use. You can create default Notes in Matter Configuration. Learn more about Default Notes.

To Rearrange your Widgets, select the "..." on the bottom right of the matter screen.

    • Select which Widgets you want to have visible and drag the Widgets to change the order.
    • Any changes you make to the widget configuration will apply to all matters for your account.

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