Personal Injury Settlement Statement

One of the powerful features of Smokeball's Personal Injury-Plaintiff matter type is the ability to generate a settlement statement.

This article walks through how to set up and generate a settlement statement in Smokeball.

It is important that important information is entered under Medicals & Settlement Statement as well as track your firm costs (expenses).

By using the Personal Injury-Plaintiff matter type, generating a settlement has never been so easy.

How to Set Up the Settlement Statement

How to Generate the Settlement Statement

How to Set Up the Settlement Statement

  • Select Settlement Statement in Medicals & Settlement Details 
  • Enter your settlement statement and attorneys fees
  • Under each line item, select the link to customize your options
  • Attorneys' Costs will be automatically added from Smokeball Expenses, but you can choose to manually enter any Attorneys' costs by selecting "manual entry"
  • Medicals will auto populate based on information enter in Medicals and Liens & Balances

  • If desired, select the line item and use the arrows to move the line item up or down

  • To edit standard items and how you want your settlement statement to appear on all PI-Plaintiff matters, select "Standard Items"
    • The checkboxes add or remove options
    • The arrows on the top right allow you to move line items up or down
    • You can also select standard options  for attorneys' fees, attorneys' costs, and medicals by selecting the "click to select links"

How to Generate the Settlement Statement

  • Once you have set up your settlement statement, locate the Settlement Statement template under "Forms"

  • The settlement statement will be created in Microsoft Word for all document management features available in Smokeball.

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