File Management

Manage Files in Smokeball

Smokeball's File Management System gives you a real-time understanding of file availability status, whether you are importing many files or accessing existing files within a matter. 

  • When files have been added to a matter, you will see a success message confirming that all files have been queued for import.
  • You can check the status of imported files by selecting the Uploads, Downloads, & Exports link in a matter. Learn more about importing files into Smokeball.


  • Once uploaded, all files will have icons displayed next to their name and the option to view their size.
  • The below image includes folder names that explain what each icon means.
  • The icons are meant to help you understand each file's status and make files available for local access when not connected to the internet.
  • Hover your mouse over any icon to get details on the file's status.


Troubleshoot File Upload Errors

If files are unable to upload into Smokeball or if there is an error, you will receive an error message in the Uploads, Downloads, & Exports section. 

  • By selecting Click here to view, you can choose to retry individual files, retry all, or clear the files from the upload queue. blobid2.png
  • Cancel an upload at any time by selecting the x icon next to the files in the Uploads, Downloads, & Exports Screen.

  • Any files unable to upload will be saved in a Conflicts folder within a matter for review. blobid4.png

Download files from a matter

  • Right-click and select download to make any file available locally on your computer. 
  • You can select multiple files to download by holding the shift key or the control key.



View files shared via Communicate

Communicate is Smokeball's secure messaging and file sharing feature.

See which files have been shared through Communicate and customize your columns by right-clicking on the grey headers. 

  • Note: It is considered best practice to send large files to your clients or third parties using Communicate.  
  • Files shared with communicate will have an orange chat bubble in the Shared column.


View file history


Check the status of files downloaded from Smokeball

  • The status of Uploads, Downloads, & Exports can also be accessed from the top right of Smokeball's Home Screen.




Q: Is there a way to backup my matter files in Smokeball?

A: Contact our support team for assistance in backing up matter files. 

Did You Know

  • Smokeball's file management supports hotkeys. Right-click on any document to see some of the hotkeys available.


  • When files are moved successfully, you will receive a confirmation message.


  • If you add a very large file, you will receive the Queuing files and folders status message. 
    • Note: Your file's availability to all other users in your firm may be delayed if your internet upload speed is slow.blobid11.png


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