Version 8.17 Release Notes

Version 8.17 of Smokeball introduces the following features, refinements and bug fixes to the desktop app.

New features

Share folders via the Client Portal

You can now share entire folders with clients in a Client Portal conversation while maintaining the sub-folder structure. Any modifications to a shared file or folder are automatically updated in the conversation in real time.

Note that there is a file limit of 130 files per message (5 GB per file).

InfoTrack Financial Disclosure Integration

Financial Disclosure, a new InfoTrack product that automates for Family lawyers in Australia, is now integrated with Smokeball.

Access the Financial Disclosure integration from the Matter Action Bar on Children and Children & Property matter types.


Character limit added to task details and notes fields

A character limit of 8000 characters in the Details field of a task and 3000 characters in the Notes field has been added.

You will see a character counter at the bottom of the fields to track your remaining character limit.

Sorting enabled on Billable and Billed columns

You can now sort the Billable and Billed columns for time, fee and disbursement entries on the Time & Disbursements tab.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where contacts set as the second addressee when the first addressee has been removed from the matter weren’t available in precedents.
  • Fixed an issue where Print to Smokeball PDF was showing an error.
  • Fixed an issue where if Diagnostics was enabled, Smokeball would show an error when opening a matter.
  • Fixed issues with some integrations.


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