Version 8.19 Release Notes

Version 8.19 of Smokeball introduces the following refinements and bug fixes to the desktop app.


Security improvements

Logging out of Windows while still logged into the Smokeball desktop app will require subsequent staff members to log in with their own Smokeball credentials to access Smokeball. This ensures that each staff member's data and information remains secure and protected. 

Client Portal/Messaging improvements

  • You can now select a specific folder to send or share to clients in Communicate messages.
  • A warning message now displays in the Shared column when the maximum file limit of 130 files has been reached.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft 365 calendar sync can remove meetings after they have been accepted.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft 365 integrations would stop working with Smokeball around the time the Microsoft 365 subscription was renewed.
  • Fixed an issue where maximising the File Preview in a matter caused all other Matter Widgets to be hidden.
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