WebVOI is only available to firms with the InfoTrack Integration.

Order VOI or Renew VOI link appears on Client Contact widget on the matter for Person cards.

When user clicks Order VOI they are taken direct to the VOI page in InfoTrack to start the VOI process. All Person contacts will appear in the list.

Rules and Behaviour:

  • Once the VOI is complete, the VOI report will be saved to the Smokeball matter
  • Order VOI link is shown for the Client role on a matter 
  • Renew VOI link is shown for the Client role on a matter where VOI date exists
  • The link appears for the Client role on all matters, not just conveyancing matters
  • All Clients who are Person cards will be passed through to InfoTrack, including multiple on one card

For more information or to request to have this feature made available to your firm, please contact us

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