Default Matter Tags

Contacts in Smokeball can be tagged based on roles; you can also create additional custom contact tags.

Default Matter tags can be used to group matters or to create email marketing campaign groups.

  • To create  Default Tags access the Smokeball Settings 
  •  In the settings select Matter Configuration (1), then Add New (2)

      Note: If you already have Matter Configuration set up for this matter type, double click on the matter type diplayed (3) instead of Add New

  • Select Tags (1), Select a matter (2), select the Matter Type (3) and OK (4)

  • Enter name of Tab (1), Select colour (2), click Add Tag (3) and SAVE (4)

  • When you then create a New Matter within this matter type the Default Tag will  be available for you to select
  • Click on the Plus sign (1), then check box next to Tag (2)

  • Matters can then be viewed Grouped by Matter Tag
  • Click on the Show dropdown (1), click on the View dropdown (2), select Group by Matter Tag (3)

Did you know...

  • You can also create Tags in a matter if the Default Tag has not been set up
  • In the matter click on the + sign (1), edit tags (2), enter name of tag (3), select colour (4), add tag (5), SAVE (6)

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