Record default matter notes

Notes can be used to record and remind you of something specific in each matter.

Default Notes can be set for different matter types so that new matters opened will already have the default notes in them.

  • To create a Default Note access the Smokeball Settings 
  • In the settings select Matter Configuration (1), then Add New (2)
  • Note: If you already have Matter Configuration set up for this matter type, double click on the matter type displayed (3) instead of Add New

  • Select Notes (1),   Select a matter (2), select the Matter Type  (3) and OK (4)

  • Click on Add a note (1), select Text note (2) or type in the text box, select Checklist note if required (3) select a colour (4) and SAVE (5)

  • Click on the pin to colour the entire note (1) and SAVE (2)

  • When you then create a New Matter within this matter type the Default Notes will  be in the matter

Additional tip

  • You can also create Notes in a matter if the Default Notes have not been set up
  • In the matter click on Add a note


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