Default Time & Fees

You can set up default fee's to be applied to each matter type upon opening them. This will remove the need for you to manually enter this in everytime and ensure you never forget to add certain charges to a matter. 

To set this up:

1. Navigate to Smokeball Settings

2. Click on the Matter Configuration tab

3. Ensure that you have already set up your standard Time & Fee Codes

4. Click Add New

5. Click on Select a matter

6. Chose the matter type you wish to set up

7. Click ok 

8. Go to the Time and Fees tab  

9. Tick Automatically create fee entry

10. Click on Add

11. Enter your previously set up Activity code

12. Click ok 

13. Once you have set up all of your default activities, click on save

Image result for light bulb emojiNewly created matter configuration settings will only apply to new matters created

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