FamilyProperty - Getting Started

This article will show you how to:

Set up the FamilyProperty Integration 

To set up the FamilyProperty integration with Smokeball, follow the steps below. You will only need to complete this process once and one person will authorise the whole firm to use the integration. 

1. Go to Firm Settings in the top right-hand corner of your main Smokeball Screen. 

2. Go to Integrated Searching and select "Configure" next to FamilyProperty. 

3. Follow the prompts to Sign Up to a new FamilyProperty account.

4. Select "Save" to exit Settings. 

Start using FamilyProperty 

1. In your Smokeball matter, click on the Family Property button on the Action Bar

NOTE: The FamilyProperty integration is only available for 'Property' or 'Children and Property' matters in Smokeball.  To use FamilyProperty, there must be a Client and Other Side entered into Smokeball.

2. You will now have three options:  

  • Select Option 1 to jump straight into the Dashboard and add Assets and Liabilities. 
  • Select Option 2 to complete the questionnaire on behalf of your client. 
  • Select Option 3 to invite your client to complete the questionnaire. 


You will be taken straight into the Dashboard.  You can import an existing balance sheet into your Dashboard by going to Balance sheets > Import balance sheet.

Complete the questionnaire

Use this Option when you:

  1. Are with your client and you are completing the questionnaire together; or
  2. Would like a structured guide to enter all of the relevant information to populate your Dashboard. 

Invite your client to complete the questionnaire

Send your client a link to create an account with FamilyProperty and complete the questionnaire. 


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