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Utilising your InfoTrack Integration, on a NSW Purchase matter you can now populate Property & information from a free Title extract and Vendor,  Vendor Solicitor and Agent details from the eCOS ID, saving you time and eliminating the chance of typographical errors.

When creating a NSW Purchase matter, the screen now looks like this:

What you can do from this window:

Title Lookup 

Look up the property using the title reference or property address

The title extract information is shown

Choose to create the matter and just populate the property details and council, OR enter the eCOS to populate extra information supplied from the eCOS, such as, Vendor, Vendor’s Solicitor and Vendor’s Agent. 

To populate from the eCOS, the user must enter the eCOS ID and any purchasers' last name and press Create

The eCOS ID and purchaser’s last name are verified by InfoTrack to be valid and matching for the supplied title reference. If they match all available information will be populated.

If they do not match, then only the property details and council from the title extract are populated.

If any potential matches are found for contacts, the user will be prompted with the contact review screen. 

Select an Option and Click on OK to apply and populate the matter

Create Matter Without Data Pre-Population

You are still able to create a matter without entering anything in the title / address search field.

Simply click Create and the matter is created as normal with no title lookup, no title order, and no pre-population of data.

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