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The goal of Smokeball is to help keep everything in one place including your matters, documents, emails, calendar, tasks, activities, and more.

By keeping everything in one place, Smokeball’s clients find they can spend more time practicing law and serving their clients. Our team is committed to providing resources and training to make help make the transition to Smokeball as smooth as possible.

This article will walk you through how to have a seamless transition and make sure you experience the full value and best experience with Smokeball.

Make the move to Word, Outlook, and Office 365

You don’t necessarily need to be using Office 365 today, however, Smokeball is optimised to work best with Office 365 so we highly encourage you to start using Office 365. Smokeball integrates with Word and Outlook. If you are using Word Perfect for document creation or Gmail for email/calendar, there are steps you will want to take before your first training with Smokeball.

If you are not using Microsoft Word and Outlook, you will not get the full advantage and impact of Smokeball. Microsoft offers free online training (Word Training and Outlook Training). Here are a few reasons to make the move to Word, Outlook (Office 365 preferred) and optimise your Smokeball experience:

Document Creation/Automation with Microsoft Word

  • Quickly and accurately generate letters, templates, or Court prescribed forms
  • Ensure all documents are saved, accessible, and searchable in one place
  • Respond faster to client requests
  • Standardisation and consistency in every document across staff

Email Management with Microsoft Outlook

  • Quickly find, review, or search all emails for each matter located in each matter
  • Emails automatically saved to a matter
  • Quickly and easily save email attachments directly to matters
  • All staff on the same page with all correspondence with a client so clients get answers faster

Calendar Integration with Microsoft Outlook

  • Every calendar event you enter in Smokeball will appear in Outlook and every Outlook calendar event will appear in Smokeball.
  • Easily add events to matters from Smokeball’s mobile app
  • Smokeball becomes your firm’s shared calendar – See all staff calendars or create calendars
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