Billing Activity Codes

Activity Codes are five character codes used to manually track time, fees, or expenses on any matter.

Activity Codes can be created in Smokeball Desktop and Smokeball Billing. 

How To Set Up Activity Codes

  1. Navigate to Time & Billing Settings in Smokeball Settings
  2. Select "add" on the bottom right of Time & Billing settings or double click to edit any entry.
    • Activity Codes can be created for fee, time, and expense entries.
  3. When creating an activity code, use any five characters and fill in all the details. You can use special characters including "-" as well.
    • Note: you do not need to enter all details for the code including rate and time as you can edit any field when creating a time, fee, or expense entry.
    • Activity Codes can be created and edited in Smokeball Billing. Activity Codes will be available in both Smokeball Desktop and Smokeball Billing.
  4. Select from the dropdown or start typing to use any activity code when creating time, fee, or expense entries.
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