Bulk Finalize with Payments

With Smokeball, you can bill more with features like Auto:Time, but spend less time doing the tedious admin of billing as well.

Bulk Finalizing with Payments is a feature that allows you to automatically apply funds from trust or operating retainer to invoices in a few steps.

Rather than finalize and apply payments to individual invoices, use this to get paid faster (and with less stress).

This article walks through how to set up and use Finalize with Payments.

How to Bulk Finalize with Payments

  • Set up your default funds in Finalize with Payments under Trust Settings
    • Select which funds to use first when bulk finalizing with payments

  • To Bulk Finalize Invoices with payments, select the "finalize with payments" tab under invoices.
    • (1) Use the filters to change your view
    • (2) Select all or individual invoices you which to bulk finalize by selecting the check box
    • (3) Toggle on/off auto allocation of funds based on your settings.
    • (4) Select "Finalize & Pay"
    • Funds will be used from the either the trust or operating account first depending on the settings used above.

    • If there are multiple draft invoices for the same matter, funds will be applied to the oldest invoice first.

    • Note: There is an option to print checks directly from this screen as well. Learn more about Check Printing.

Did You Know

  • If a matter has multiple contacts with money in retainer, an icon will display next to the matter. If you hover over the icon, you will see the tool tip.

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