Family Contacts

Family Law matters can involve many parties. In addition, for matters lasting for a long period of time, it can be difficult to keep track of all important parties and potential change of addresses.

Smokeball makes it easy for Family Law attorneys to keep all important parties and details in one place. This article focuses on some best practices of entering contacts and potential scenarios  for Family Law matters.

Different mailing address

Client prefers to be called by maiden name

Multiple children and date of birth

Additional parties not listed

Additional parties not available in Smokeball

Different mailing address

  • It may be common in pre-decree cases that a client may have one permanent address, but also needs to be contacted at a temporary mailing address. 
  • Utilize the advanced view of a contact card to enter in a different mailing address for letters, etc.
    • Note: You need to at least enter in a contact name before accessing "advanced view"

  • You can access the advanced view while entering in a new contact as well.

Client prefers to be called by maiden name

  • Smokeball contact cards have an "Other Names" field to keep track of maiden names.
  • If you want to refer to your client by their first name or nick name, utilize the "informal" or "custom" fields below.

Multiple Children and Dates of Birth

  • Right click to add additional children

  • The "additional details" on the advanced view of the contact card allows you easily keep track of dates of birth. These dates can be used when automating Petitions for Dissolution, Parenting Plans, and other documents where you need to refer to the date of birth.

Additional Parties Not Listed

  • There are a variety of additional fields in Smokeball's Family Law matter types.
  • If you don't see a particular party listed in the matter details, select the gear to access the matter settings.
  • Add or remove parties as needed.

Additional Parties Not Available in Smokeball

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