Family Matter Details

Since Smokeball is very specific for Family Law Matters, there are fields that can help you keep track of important details.

Below are some of the key details you can keep track of within a matter. Once you enter the information into Smokeball, it can be used to automate letters and Court & Authority templates and forms.

Pre-Decree Case Details

Pre-Decree Marriage Details

Pre-Decree Real Property Details

Custody Support and Visitation Details

Switching Client from Petitioner to Respondent

Pre-Decree Case Details

  • In the Pre-Decree matter type, use case details to keep track of important court information, petition/response service dates, service methods, and response due dates.

Pre-Decree Marriage Details

  • In the Pre-Decree Matter type, use marriage details to keep track of the marriage type, marriage date/location, separation date, and decree date.

Pre-Decree Real Property Details

  • Property Details in a Pre-Decree matter type help gather information about a property address(es), valuation information, acquisition date, and other property details.
  • Property Details will vary based on your state. The below example is an example from a California Pre-Decree matter.

Custody, Support, and Visitation Case Details

  • The case details in a Custody, Support, and Visitation matter type allow you to keep track of all details from a Pre-Decree Matter, and also includes counter-petition file date, service date/method, and response due date.
    • Note: If the parties have ever been married, use the Pre-Decree and Post-Decree matter type instead to keep track of marriage details.

Switching Client from Petitioner to Respondent/Respondent to Petitioner

  • When you open a Pre-Decree matter, you may not always know if you are the Petitioner or Respondent. The best practice is to always open the matter representing the Petitioner.
  • If the other side files the petition prior to you, it is simple to change the matter so you are representing the Respondent.
  • Right click  to remove: Petitioner, Respondent, and Opposing Attorney. Right click on each contact to remove.

  • Select Matter Type Layout and change the party you are acting for

  • You will not need to re-enter all the contact details. When you start re-entering the contact information, it will auto-fill when you select the appropriate contact.

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