Family Law Billing

Smokeball makes it very easy to keep track of your time for billing. Traditionally, most law firms come to Smokeball using a manual billing system. You can continue to track your time manually in Smokeball. However, you can utilize tools like Activity Intelligence to make billing easier.

One of the most powerful features in Smokeball is Auto:Time. Since Smokeball already is tracking your activity and time spent on every activity, it is possible to alleviate non-billable admin time using Auto:Time. Our clients that utilize Auto:Time are finding they are capturing, on average, 34% more time than manual time entry.

Below are some scenarios we've found clients fitting into. Depending on your billing style, there are several of ways you can utilize Smokeball and Smokeball Billing to make your life easier. If you are not sure which path to take, talk to your Account Manager for the best way for your firm to track your time and bill.

I struggle keeping track of time and could be losing billable hours

I manually track activity and spend extra time going back or trying to remember everything I did

I am meticulous and use a timer for every activity I perform for a client

I want to have billing and accounting integrated together

I struggle keeping track of my activity and time and feel I'm losing billable hours.

I like manually tracking my activity, but I find myself spending extra time during evenings/weekends trying to remember everything I did.

  • Auto:Time is a great feature to start using. Smokeball already automatically tracks your activity and how much time you spend.
  • If there are activities you complete that Smokeball does not already track, you can easily log all your activity in Smokeball or on our Mobile App.

I am meticulous and use a timer for every activity I perform for a client.

  • Continue to manually track your time in Smokeball using Time & Expenses.
  • You can set up Activity Codes to help with manual entry of time. Review Activity Codes for Family Law for more information.
  • Smokeball Billing has a Timer that will create a time entry directly for a matter.
  • Use Activity Intelligence and Time Finder as helpful tools to capture more billable time.
    • Firms that are using Activity Intelligence/Time Finder find they are capturing more billable time. If you find yourself consistently adding more time from these features, talk to your Account Manager about using Auto:Time.

I want a complete billing system that includes advanced accounting reports, HR/Payroll, and general ledger.

There are two options to consider. Most of our clients end up using an already existing integration for accounting software in Smokeball Billing like QuickBooks Online. Some choose to continue to use their previous billing/accounting system. Talk to your Account Manager about best practices of transitioning billing to Smokeball Billing or if you may want to consider keeping your current billing system.

  • Smokeball Billing integrates with QuickBooks Online for back end accounting.

  • If you already have used a robust billing system that does both invoicing and accounting, you may want to continue to use that system for billing and accounting.
    • Unfortunately, no software will help you do 100% of the functions from front to back and give you the productivity and profitability tools that Smokeball does. 
    • Even if you choose to go this path, you can still utilize the productivity and profitability and tools in Smokeball.
    • Activity Intelligence and Time & Expenses can be exported to a .CSV file to utilize in other billing/accounting platforms.

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