Lead Management

*This feature is available exclusively to Smokeball Prosper users.

Smokeball offers a built-in Lead management system. This provides a simple way for law firms to keep track of and generate reports on their leads within Smokeball. Best of all, it offers the same type of functionality that Smokeball users have come to expect with the management of their Matters.

Home Screen Matters List
Creating a Lead in Smokeball
Smokeball Lead Functionality
Converting a Lead to a Matter
Smokeball Leads and Reporting
Smokeball Leads and Billing

Home Screen Matters List

The Smokeball Home Screen has been updated to give users an overview of their Leads and Matters. 

  • Please note, that the Leads section will not appear if the firm has no Leads.
  • Recent Matters List shows recently accessed Leads and Matters with the icon in place to tell them apart.

Creating a Lead in Smokeball 

Creating a Lead in Smokeball is similar to how users create a new matter. 

  • Navigate to the New Lead button,  available in the top left of the Smokeball homepage. 

  • The 'New Lead" screen has a search box for locating and selecting the Lead type. 

  • Once a Lead Type is selected, the user will be met with a blank Lead. 

  • From here the user can do anything they would normally do with a matter in Smokeball: add contacts and parties, schedule events, create tasks or next steps, and automate letters and documents.

Smokeball Lead Functionality 

Leads and Matters function similarly to one another, with a few differences to note: 

  • The header bar color and icon in Leads are different from Matters.
  • Leads have a ‘Convert to Matter’ bar, which will disappear after the Lead has been converted to a Matter.
  • Instead of a ‘Matter Details’ section heading, Leads have a ‘Lead Details’ section heading. 
  • A Lead will have a ‘Lead Type’ matter listing item, whereas a Matter has ‘Matter Type’.
  • Leads do not have a Matter Number/Internal Reference Number.

Converting a Lead to a Matter

Once the firm has received a signed fee agreement, or whatever marker the firm uses to consider a prospect a new client, the Lead can be converted to a Matter by clicking the ‘Convert to Matter’ button on the convert bar. (See #2 in the above screenshot). 

  • The user can also click the "Learn More" link which leads to the Smokeball Support Article on Smokeball Leads Management
  • When the user clicks ‘Convert to Matter’, they will be prompted with a screen to select the Matter Type they want to convert the Lead to. Please note:

    • If Smokeball has a Matter Type with the same name in the same category, Smokeball will auto select it, otherwise Smokeball will fallback to expanding the same category.
    • At the bottom, Smokeball shows the current Lead Type of the Lead and the Matter Type selected that the Lead would change to.

  • When a Lead is converted, Smokeball will prompt the user to confirm that they want to proceed. Please note that the conversion is not reversible. 
  • If the Lead Type and Matter Type are 100% compatible, the user will see the following prompt: 

  • If the Lead Type contains contacts or layouts that do not exist in the Matter Type the Lead is changing to, the user will see  a warning prompt. Please note that Leads currently only contain contacts.  
  • Once converted, the user will see the converted Matter with the different header color, matter icon, etc. A Matter Number / Internal Reference will be assigned at this time if automatic matter numbering is enabled. 

Smokeball Leads and Reporting

Smokeball Lead Management also includes the ability to generate reports specific to Leads. Smokeball Lead Reports can track all open Leads, as well as the Next Steps assigned to Leads so that firms can stay on top of their new business pipeline. 

  • Users can run reports to keep track of Next Steps so no lead falls through the cracks.

  • In Firm Insights, users can gain understanding of their lead pipline and wins and losses. 

Smokeball Leads and Billing

  • If using Auto:Time, Lead activities will not automatically add time entries to billing
  • However, users can manually convert activities to time entries or add fees in time and expenses
  • Leads will not show in Smokeball Billing and thus cannot be invoiced. Users must convert a Lead to a Matter if they wish to invoice the client.
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