Lead Management

Available on Smokeball Prosper

Smokeball offers a built-in Lead management system. This provides a simple way for law firms to keep track of and generate reports on their leads within Smokeball. Best of all, it offers the same type of functionality that Smokeball users have come to expect with the management of their Matters.

Home Screen Matters List

The Smokeball Home Screen has been updated to give users an overview of their Leads and Matters. 

  • Please note, that the Leads section will not appear if the firm has no Leads.
  • Recent Matters List shows recently accessed Leads and Matters with the icon in place to tell them apart.

Creating a lead

Learn how to create a lead in Smokeball.

Smokeball Lead Functionality 

Leads and Matters function similarly to one another, with a few differences to note: 

  • The header bar color and icon in Leads are different from Matters.
  • Leads have a ‘Convert to Matter’ bar, which will disappear after the Lead has been converted to a Matter.
  • Instead of a ‘Matter Details’ section heading, Leads have a ‘Lead Details’ section heading. 
  • A Lead will have a ‘Lead Type’ matter listing item, whereas a Matter has ‘Matter Type’.
  • Leads do not have a Matter Number/Internal Reference Number.

Smokeball Leads and Reporting

Learn more about generating reports and firm insights on leads.

Smokeball leads and Billing

  • If using AutoTime, Lead activities will not automatically add time entries to billing
  • However, users can manually convert activities to time entries or add fees in time and expenses
  • Leads will not show in Smokeball Billing and thus cannot be invoiced. Users must convert a Lead to a Matter if they wish to invoice the client.

Converting a lead into a matter

It is not possible to merge a lead with a matter. However, you can convert a lead into a matter seamlessly from one click. 


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