Smokeball can help you create LEDES 1998B invoices using the ABA tasks codes.

To access LEDES / UTBMS, firms must enable the feature in firm settings and additionally enabled for LEDES matters.

Note for Auto:Time users: Any time UTBMS is enabled on a matter, Auto:Time is automatically disabled.

How to Activate UTBMS Billing

  •  To activate LEDES / UTBMS for the firm, select "Enable UTBMS" under the UTBMS Billing tab in Time & Billing Settings.
    • Enter your LEDES firm ID and select the Code Sets you want to have available for LEDES matters.

  • Under each individual Staff & User, update the Timekeeper Classification Code.

  • For each matter that will need to use UTBMS billing codes, select "Enable UTBMS" under the billing tab in Matter Info
    • Enter in the LEDES Matter ID and LEDES Client Matter ID

  • Once activated, UTBMS codes will be available under "Task" when entering in Time/Fees.

  • The LEDES Task code will be listed on invoices created on LEDES / UTBMS matters.
    • It is quick and easy to generate an invoice for reviewing all the different fees.

  • To download LEDES1998B format, finalize the invoice and select the drop down under download.

  • Here's an example of what the  LEDES1998B invoice looks like.

Did You Know

  • UTBMS can also be activated in Smokeball Billing by accessing matter settings

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