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Smokeball can help you create LEDES 1998B invoices using the ABA tasks codes.

To access LEDES / UTBMS, firms must enable the feature in firm settings and additionally enabled for LEDES matters.

Note: Any time UTBMS is enabled on a matter, AutoTime is automatically disabled.

Activate UTBMS Billing

To activate LEDES / UTBMS for the firm, select Enable UTBMS under the UTBMS Billing tab in Time & Billing Settings. 

You can also require Activity/Task codes for fees and expenses on all UTBMS matters. 

Enter your LEDES firm ID and select the Code Sets you want to have available for LEDES matters. 

Under each individual Staff & User, update the Timekeeper Classification Code.

You then will need to enable LEDES/UTBMS billing on the individual matter which will use it:

  1. Double click on Info under Matter Details.
  2. Select the Billing tab in the Matter info pop-up window.
  3. Checkmark Enable UTBMS and input the LEDES Firm ID, LEDES Matter ID, and LEDES Client Matter ID.
    • LEDES Firm ID: The number assigned to your firm by your client for uploading your eBilling invoices. This typically, but not always, will be your firm's Employment Identification Number.¬†¬†
    • LEDES Matter ID:¬†This is how your firm identifies the matter. If you are using Internal Reference numbering, then you should use that number. In the screenshot below, the LEDES Matter ID should be 633-BB0219.
    • Client Matter ID:¬†This is how your client identifies the matter. Most commonly, the Client Matter ID will be the claim number. You will need to obtain this information directly from the client.¬†

Once activated, UTBMS codes will be available under Task when entering in Time/Fees.

  1. Type in the code or browse using the dropdown menu.
  2. UTBMS codes are available on any Time/Fee entry. Below are examples from Smokeball Desktop and Smokeball Billing. Learn more about entering Time or Fees in Smokeball.

It is possible to create a custom UTBMS task code in Firm Settings. 

Smokeball also includes support for X codes in addition to E codes. X codes are available under the ‚ÄúExpense‚ÄĚ drop down menu when entering an Expense. Below are examples from Smokeball Desktop and Smokeball Billing. Learn more about entering Expenses in Smokeball.

The LEDES Task code will be listed on invoices created on LEDES / UTBMS matters, making it quick and easy to generate an invoice for reviewing all the different fees.

To download LEDES1998B format, finalize the invoice and select the drop down under download.

Here's an example of what the  LEDES1998B invoice looks like.

Did You Know

As of Smokeball version 8.15, AutoTime entries are available for firms which set UTBMS to active on a matter. 


UTBMS can also be activated in the web web app by accessing the Edit Matter settings.

You can enter a contact's LEDES Client ID under the Additional Details section on their contact card. This Client ID will carry over to any other matter involving the contact. blobid0.png

You can select 2- or 6-character LEDES/UTBMS codes from the Classifications dropdown menu in the Matter Info window. 

AutoTime users should note that anything you enter into an entry’s description box will be lost on a LEDES invoice. This means that you should never try block billing with LEDES. It will not work.

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