Matter Action Bar

All actions you create in regards to a matter will be initialized from the Matter Action Bar. See the additional links below for more information.

Matter Action Bar Options

Below are some introductory descriptions for each button on the Action Bar. To learn more about each feature, select the links on the left side of the table.

Create Blank Letter and Caption  

Create a blank letter or caption

Forms and Templates Library 


Create Template letters and documents including Court and Authority Forms. Click the link to learn more about the Form/Letter Library



Save phone call notes or other random notes about a matter. You can add time stamps. You can also format similar to a notepad.

Client Portal


Send messages and share files securely with any client or third party through the Smokeball Client Portal. The Client Portal can also be used for internal chat and other features.



Email and send documents to a contact associated with a matter. 

E-Filing or Process Serving


You can leverage Smokeball's integration with InfoTrack for eFiling or Processing Serving in a variety of jurisdictions across the United States directly from Smokeball. 


Click on the arrow to select eFiling or Process Serving. 



Import files or folders into your Smokeball Matter. You can also drag and drop files.



Scan documents directly to a matter if using a local scanner connected to your PC. Smokeball integrates with Ricoh ScanSnap.



Create a calendar event for a matter.



Create an individual task for an event.

Phone Message


Take a phone message related to a matter. This phone message creates a task for any staff to follow up on and complete.



Create an activity not captured by Smokeball under Activity.



Open up matter in Smokeball's web app.

Additional Buttons


Smokeball has several other integrations. Depending on what you have activated, you may see additional buttons for other software.

Did You Know

There is an Action Bar located on the Smokeball Home Screen as well. The best practice is to always use the Matter Action Bar, but if you use the Home Screen, make sure you associate an appropriate matter to the action you are creating.


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