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Smokeball's integration in Word is one of the most important features you'll be using in Smokeball. You will be working back and forth between Smokeball and Word daily, so it is best practice to always keep both programs open.

Generating documents from templates in the Form & Template Library in Word will save time and ensure accuracy of every document drafted so long as you follow the recommended practices in this article.

Smokeball Ribbon

Smokeball Toolbar

Save to Smokeball and Create a Template from Word

Smokeball Envelopes

Smokeball Ribbon

The first thing to note is the dedicated Smokeball ribbon (1) and toolbar (2) in Word:

The ribbon features are broken down in the menu below:

Save and Close Options
  • Save & Close: Save document and return to Smokeball. ALWAYS USE THIS OPTION WHEN CREATING AND SAVING DOCUMENTS. 
  • Save: Save changes and continue to work on the document
  • Save as: Create an additional copy of the document in Smokeball


Share your file securely using Smokeball's Communicate Client Portal. The Client Portal is used to securely message and share files with any client or third party. The Client Portal also has an internal chat feature. Learn more about the Communicate Client Portal.


Select the Send icon and then select Email to email the document as a Word or PDF attachment through Smokeball's with Outlook. There is also an option to send a Word document as "body text" which is commonly used for email templates. Learn more about Smokeball's Outlook integration and email templates


Sign can be used to add in electronic esignatures with InfoTrack's DocuSign integration (SignIT). However, there are some best practices to consider when using InfoTrack.

InfoTrack has a variety of services that directly integrate with Smokeball like e-filing, business formation, and much more. Learn more about InfoTrack and DocuSign.


Select Close when you do not want to save a document or to simply close out of Word. This keeps the Smokeball integration active and will save you time re-opening Word every time you generate a document.

Smokeball Toolbar

Select to expand the toolbar and access matter detail

  • You can click any field to open the matter details
  • You'll see some additional options at the bottom of the toolbar including Replace References

Save a document to Smokeball when creating a document outside of Smokeball

  1. Save to Smokeball: Save document to a matter, Create Form to use in Smokeball, or Close and do not save the document.
  2. Click to open and browse open matters to save document to.


Smokeball Envelopes

Use the Smokeball envelopes button to create labels for envelopes.

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