Version 8.11 Release Notes

Version 8.11 of Smokeball introduces new features and refinements to the Smokeball desktop app.

New Features

Send internal Communicate notifications when Billing approaches

The setting to Send Communicate notification when matter approaches the estimate has been updated.

Notifications will now be sent to the person responsible and person assisting in a matter when total billable fees and expenses (billed and unbilled) reach the following thresholds:

  • 70%
  • 85%
  • 100% of the estimate

Important Notes:

  • Only one message will be sent per threshold.
  • If an estimate is updated (e.g. estimate amount increases if a matter is going to take longer), a notification will be sent again when it passes the newly set thresholds.
  • Notifications are triggered after the system checks changes in fees and disbursements, such as new entries being added.

Learn more about setting Estimates on matters.


Clickable hyperlinks in Tasks and Sub-tasks

URLs entered into the Details section of a task or a sub-task line are now clickable.

Updates to AutoTime descriptions

Based on feedback from firms, the following changes have been made to AutoTime descriptions:

  • Created is now Drafted
  • Reviewed is now Perused
  • Sent/reviewed is now Drafted/perused
  • Edited is now Amended

Example of a new AutoTime description:

Letter of Intent.docx drafted, then amended and perused

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