Version 8.13 Release Notes

Version 8.13 of Smokeball introduces the following refinements and bug fixes to the Smokeball desktop app.


Remove shared file access on the Communicate Client Portal

When sharing a file with a client, you now have the ability to revoke their access to the shared file by selecting the three dots on the top-right corner of the open file in the Client Portal and selecting Remove Access.

Nominate an addressee on precedents when container is set to Ask

When generating a new precedent, you can now select an addressee for 'Ask' containers.

Use the Ask container type for letterheads that need distinguishing, such as electronic or print letterheads, or letterheads for different office locations.

Notable bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where spell check and copy-paste using right-click in any text boxes were not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the reply to a matter email from the same firm can overwrite the original email in the matter.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting matter files with a 'dot' symbol in their name can truncate the file name that is exported.
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