Automating Family Court Forms

This article will show you how to automate the following forms from your Smokeball matter (available only in your "Property" or "Children and Property" matters): 

  • Application for Consent Orders
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Statement

Entering your client's Real Estate Details

  1. Enter the details of your client's interest/s in real estate in the Real Estate Details layout in your matter.
  2. If the property is the former matrimonial home, ensure that this box is checked.
  3. Enter the details of any relevant mortgage/s in the second tab - Mortgage Details
  4. To add an additional property, right-click on the Real Estate Details line and select "Add Real Estate Details":

Enter your client's Assets, Financial Resources and Addbacks

Enter the details of your client's interest/s in other assets, financial resources and addbacks in the following layout in your matter:

Enter your client's Liabilities

Enter the details of your client's liabilities in the following layout in your matter:

Enter your client's Superannuation Details

To enter the Superannuation details, add your Client's Superannuation Fund to your matter by navigating to Matter Settings and then enter the applicable details for this information to automate in your court forms. 

Generate your Court documents

  1. You can then populate the Application for Consent Orders, Balance Sheet or Financial Statement by opening the relevant document from the precedent library:
  2. The document will then automate with the data you have entered into the above layouts in your matter, as well as calculate the totals of each.
  3. If you need to add any additional information, you can add that into the Smokeball side toolbar in the document and this will update your document as well as your Smokeball matter.
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