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Creating a Financial Agreement Matter

To create a new Financial Agreement matter, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click New Matter > Select Family > Select Financial Agreement> Click Next.
  2. Enter the parties' details. For each party, after entering the Name and Contact Details, click on the Advanced view and enter the Additional Details, including Occupation, and Birth Date.

Entering the Agreement Details

  1. To enter the Agreement Details,  first select the Type of Agreement from the dropdown menu.
  2. Then enter the Relationship Details as applicable. Only the details relevant to that type of Agreement will appear.  
  3. Once you have a date for the Agreement, you can also select an Agreement Date. 

4. The matter will display as follows.
AD layout.png

Change a General Matter to a Financial Agreement Matter 

  1. To change an existing General matter to a Financial Agreement matter, Double-Click on 'Matter Type', select change, select Financial Agreement, then press OK.  
  2. Enter the Reason For Change, Click OK, and when prompted, select Yes.
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