Learn how to create a divorce matter, enter case and contact details using family precedents. 

This article will show you how to:

Creating a Divorce matter 

To create a new Divorce matter, follow the steps below. 

  1. Select Divorce> Applicant or Respondent.
  2. Enter the parties' details. For help on this, see Adding Contacts.
  3. Enter the Relationship Details. Once the Divorce is granted, you can enter the Divorce Date (the Decree Absolute date).
  4. Once the Divorce Application has been filed, enter the Case Details.

Entering the Case Details

  1. Enter the Case Details, including the Case Number (the Court File Number).  Also enter the Registry and Judicial Officer.
  2. Next, enter the Court, including the Street Address, PO Box Address and DX Address.  
  3. Next, go to the Court Proceedings tab and enter the Divorce Hearing date. You can also enter details of the Divorce Application and any Response that has been filed.
  4. You can now transfer the details of the Divorce Hearing into one or more Calendar entries by selecting 'Create Events.'
  5. The Case Details layout will display as follows on your matter: 

Adding Additional Contacts

To add further Contacts to your matter such as a Process Server, open the Matter Settings and select the appropriate Contact.

Entering two Applicants for a Joint Application for Divorce

  1. When creating a Divorce matter, the matter will automatically expect you to enter the details of an Applicant and a Respondent. If however your matter is a Joint Application for Divorce, you should add an additional Applicant to the matter by right-clicking on the 'Applicant' field. 
  2. Once the second Applicant has been added, the matter will display as follows.
  3. The Respondent details should remain empty

Changing who you represent

To change who you represent, for example if you have selected that you act for the Applicant when you in fact represent the Respondent, you can change this by Double-Clicking on 'Matter Type' and select the correct party that you represent. 

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