Independent Childrens Lawyer

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Create an Independent Children's Lawyer matter 

To create a new 'Independent Children's Lawyer ' matter,  select Family > Independent Children's Lawyer > Next. 

Enter the Child's Details

  1. Enter the details of the relevant Child or Children. 
  2. Ensure that you also go to the Advanced View and enter the Child's Date of Birth
  3. Open the 'Details' window and select the Primary Care Giver of the Child. If applicable, also enter the details of the Educational Institution the Child attends (including Name, Address, phone number and Contact person).

Add additional Children

To add additional children, Right-Click anywhere on the row where you have entered the details of the first Child, and select 'Add Child' then 'Same Solicitor.'

Enter the Case Details

Learn how to enter the Case Details.

Enter the Relationship Details

Learn how to enter the parties' Relationship Details.

Add Additional Contacts, (Eg. Barrister)

Learn how to add Additional Contacts

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