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Creating a Property Matter

To create a new Property matter. follow the steps below. 

  1. Click on New Matter > Select Family > Property > Next.
  2. Enter the parties' details. For each party, after entering the Name and Contact Details, click on the Advanced view and enter the Additional Details, including Occupation, Birth Date, and Language of Interpreter (if applicable).
  3. Next, select the Relationship role of each party. 
  4. If applicable, also select the Court Role. You can always go back and select this Role at a later time. 

Entering the Case Details

  1. Enter the Case Details, including the Case Number (the Court File Number). 
  2. Next, enter the Court, including the Street Address, PO Box Address and DX Address.  
  3. Next, enter the Registry and Judicial Officer. 
  4. You can also enter the details of the Pleadings and Court Listings under the Court Proceedings tab. 
  5. Once you select the details of the relevant Court Listing/s, then select Create Events, you can make these entries available in your and/or another Staff member's Calendar
  6. The Case Details layout will display as follows on your matter: 

Entering the Relationship Details

  1. To enter the Relationship Details,  you can either enter an exact date for Cohabitation and Separation or enter only a month and year.
  2. Select an exact date for Marriage and Divorce (if applicable). Enter the place of marriage.

Adding Additional Contacts or Data

  1. To add further Contacts or Data to your matter such as Children, a Barrister,  Valuer, or Accountant, open the Matter Settings and select the appropriate Contact/s.
    UPLOAD3.pngYou will then be able to enter the relevant information and contact details for those Contacts onto your matter.   

Change a General Matter to a Property Matter 

To change an existing General matter to a Property matter, Double-Click on 'Matter Type', enter the Reason For Change, select change, select Property, then press OK.  
changing MT.png

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