Document Creation: Replace References

Replace references is a very useful document creation tool to use when you are trying to generate a document for individual parties that are entered on the same card.

For example: Husband / Wife or two parties that are associated together are best to be entered under the same contact card, but may need their own "Power of Attorney" document that essentially is the same, but just changes the name.

Using "Replace References"

  • Any Matter that has multiple parties for any Contact can use Replace References.

  • Generate a document from the Forms & Templates Library. Some documents may only generate for the first party on the contact card
    • For example, the Durable Power of Attorney in this instance only generated for "Seller 1."
    • Click "save as" and save a copy of the document for seller 1.

  • Click on the Smokeball Toolbar located on the right side of Word to expand and scroll down to select "replace references."

  • Select what you want to "replace" with the specific party you want to use. In this example, the first party is the "client"
    • In this example, replace "client," with seller 2. Select the "+" or "-" to change with party.

  • All fields will be updated in the document.

  • Save each version using the "Save As" function on the Smokeball Ribbon on the top left

  • Two documents will be saved in the Documents & Emails section.


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