Document Creation: Replace References

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Replace references is a tool to generate a document for individuals when there are multiple parties on the same matter. This even works when parties are entered on the same contact card.

For example: Two parties that are associated together, such as a husband and wife, may be entered under the same contact card.  However, each may need their own Power of Attorney document that is the same but just changes the name of the party.

Using Replace References

Any matter that has multiple parties for any contact can use Replace References.

  • Generate a document from the Forms & Templates Library. 
    • Note: Some documents may only generate for the first party. For example, the Living Will Declaration in example below only generated for Client 1.
    • Select Save As on the Smokeball Ribbon in the upper left-hand corner of Word to save a copy of the document for Client 1.

  • Select the Smokeball Toolbar located on the right side of Word and then select the blue Replace References link.

  • Use the Replace References pop-up window to replace one party with another.
    • In the example below you can replace Client 1 with Client 2. Select the + or - buttons to change the number on the party if it is not already showing.

  • Select OK and all fields will be updated in the document.

  • Save the updated version for Client 2 using the Save As function on the Smokeball Ribbon on the top left.

  • Both documents will be saved in the Documents section of the matter.

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