Family Reports

Each matter is a little bit different. Some Family Law matters can be very demanding. Whether it is a simple flat fee uncontested divorce or a case that goes on a long time, Smokeball can help you understand profitability on each of your matters. 

There is also additional business intelligence reports for law firms available to help understand profitability across all matters.

Performance Report & Matter Profitability

1. From a matter, navigate to the Matter Insights tab

  •  You can run a Profitability Report that is based on the amount of activities completed per staff. Each report will have a staff member breakdown.
  • If you are not using Smokeball for billing purposes yet, Matter Insights might be missing some information.

2. For Additional Profitability Reports, review other Firm Insights articles.

  • Firm Insights allows you to gain insight into profitability across all matters. For example, if you are charging a flat fee for an uncontested divorce, understanding actual time spent on all billable activity can help you determine a competitive rate that also allows you to be profitable.
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