Going Further

Once you have completed all your Foundation Training (Basics & Essentials), there are a variety of training topics and additional features to learn more about.

Smokeball has features for everything you need. Below are some of the features available for a guided Going Further Training. 

Smokeball's Training Team also hosts webinars that range from beginner to advanced to expert topics. You can browse or search the additional articles for additional features for more information or register for a Smokeball Webinar.

Going Further Topics


File Management

Firm Insights Profitability Reporting

Automation and Template Creation



Smokeball Billing is included in your Smokeball subscription. Smokeball can help take the stress out of manually tracking time with AutoTime and billing in general.

  • Smokeball Billing has all the features to help you spend less time billing, bill more, and increase profitability.
  • If you are migrating from an existing billing program, you'll want to complete your current billing cycle in your existing billing program, transfer any balances due and deposits to Smokeball, and then start billing in Smokeball.
  • Learn more about Smokeball Billing.

File Management

Managing files in Smokeball is not only about having all your files stored in one place.

Firm Insights & Reporting

Smokeball's purpose is to help with the business side of running a law firm.

  • Smokeball has powerful, but easy to use, Reporting and Firm Insights to help you with running the day to day of your firm to profitability reporting.
  • Use Firm Insights and Reports to stay in control of your practice or take your practice to the next level.
  • Learn more about Firm Insights and Report tools in Smokeball.

Automation & Template Creation

Creating Templates in Smokeball is a great way to get everything organized in one place, save time, and improve accuracy on every document.

  • As part of your onboarding process, Smokeball can teach you how to automate your own templates.
  • You should never have to go outside the Forms & Templates to generate a letter, template, or any form for a client.
  • Learn more about Automation & Template Creation.


Although Smokeball comes with almost every feature you will need to run the day to day of your law firm, Smokeball integrates with Partners that are experts in their product offerings to give you even more value in Smokeball.

Below are some of Smokeball's Integration Partners and the services that integrate directly into Smokeball.

Learn more about Smokeball's Integrations.


E-filing, Business Formation, Electronic Signatures with DocuSign, Court Searching, Rules Based Calendaring, and more! 

Learn more about InfoTrack.

QuickBooks Online

Back end accounting, HR, and Payroll. Learn more about QuickBooks Online.

Ricoh ScanSnap

Scan directly to a matter in Smokeball. Learn more about Ricoh Scan Snap.


Integrate Zoom meetings with Calendar Events for easy time tracking of virtual events.

Learn more about Zoom.


Track time of phone calls directly to a Smokeball Matter. Learn more about Ring Central.

Campaign Monitor

Email marketing tools with lists or custom Contact Tags from Smokeball. Learn more about Campaign Monitor.

Family Law Software

Track financials, assets, and liabilities for Family Law. Learn more about Family Law Software.

Chicago Title

Order Title Services from Chicago Title and prevent duplicate entry of Real Estate parties and fields.

Learn more about Chicago Title.


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