If/Then/Else Basics

This article walks through the basics of what an If/Then/Else statement is. Conditional statements can be created off a Field Insertion or Ask.

If/Then/Else Statements are an advanced type of automation, but with some training and practice, you can use this feature to create powerful templates. For example, many Smokeball users have simplified multiple templates into one individual document using If/Then/Else Statements

What is a If/Then/Else Statement?

  • An If/Then/Else statement says, “if Condition A is true, then X. If Condition A is false, then Y.” When you insert a conditional If/Then/Else statement into a document, it looks like this:

  • Example: An If/Then/Else statement is commonly used to enter information on whether fees are owed.
    • (1) If then client doesn't owe any fees, you can insert language thanking you client for payment.
    • (2) If the client has outstanding fees, you can insert language with the amount owed very quickly using an Ask.
    • Below is an example of the If/Then/Else Statement built out and the results based on the selections.

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