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Clients on agreements previous to the March 2022 launch of Start, Grow, and Prosper are considered to be using Smokeball Prosper unless an active change has been made by the firm. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or Onboarding Specialist.

Smokeball offers several ways to get training on a variety of topics based on the product your firm has. Select your product below to see training options appropriate to your product.

Smokeball Start

Smokeball Start is our standalone billing product. View training options and resources available for Smokeball Start.

The Smokeball Start product only includes our web-based billing platform. Training is specific to this product and is not appropriate for users on Grow or Prosper (both of which also include our desktop application).

Smokeball Grow

View training options specific to Smokeball Grow.

Smokeball Prosper

Smokeball Prosper is our most fully-featured product offering. View training options specific to Smokeball Prosper.

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