Offboarding Users from Smokeball

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

If you need to remove a user from Smokeball, follow these steps to ensure the offboarding process is as smooth as possible.

Step 1: Reassign Tasks

  1. Select the Tasks tab and filter the assignee section to the user’s name. 
  2. You also can view all unassigned tasks to determine if there is a task with no users assigned. You will need to select each of these tasks one by one to reassign them to a new user.
  3. Learn more about navigating Tasks


Step 2: Reassign Workflows

  1. Access Workflows by entering Smokeball Settings and then selecting Workflows.
  2. Double-click an individual workflow to open a pop-up window with additional options.

If the user is assigned to the workflow in the Assign to field under the details tab, replace them with the attorney responsible or the person assisting on matters. If applicable, remove any references to the user from the workflow’s details section.


Step 3: Reassign Events

  1. Select the Calendar tab and set the calendar to the user’s view.
  2. Choose to view the calendar by month or week and select every event associated with the user.
  3. Right-click on the event and choose Delete from the menu or choose Open and assign it to a new user using the Attendees drop-down menu.


Step 4: Remove the User from Document Containers

Remove the user from your firm’s logo and signature block:

  1. Navigate to Smokeball Settings and select Document Containers.
  2. Right-click on each container and form and then choose Modify.
  3. This will open the container/form in Microsoft Word, and you will need to remove user fields within the document.
  4. Learn more about modifying containers.



Step 5: Remove the User from Automated Documents

Review other automated Forms and Templates and remove the user.

  1. Access the forms and templates library from within a matter.
  2. Select forms with the user’s name and then right-click on each form and choose modify mode to open the document and make corrections.
  3. Learn more about modifying automated documents.


Step 6: Review Matters and Leads

If the user was listed as the attorney responsible or person assisting on a matter or lead, open each matter or lead they were assigned and change the person assisting or attorney responsible to a different employee. 

  1. View all the matters assigned to the user by selecting the matter tab and filtering the matters by Staff or Attorney.
  2. View all the leads assigned to the user by selecting the leads tab and filtering the matters by Staff or Attorney.



Step 7: Review Matter Billing Rates

  1. For each matter assigned to the user, select Info under matter details and then select the Billing tab in the pop-up window
  2. Use the designated fields to override the user’s rate.
  3. If applicable, review and adjust the rate sets for each matter assigned to the user.



Step 8 (if applicable): Remove user signature from invoices

  1. Navigate to Invoice Settings in Smokeball Billing.
  2. Select a template which featured the attorney's signature and then select the PDF Invoices tab. 
  3. Select the Delete button the existing signature image and then select Save.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for other templates as needed. 


Step 9: Review Activity Codes

  1. Access Smokeball Settings and choose Time & Billing.
  2. Check for any custom activity codes specific to the user and double-click on these codes to modify them. 
  3. You can also right-click on the code and select delete activity to remove it.


Step 10: Review Communicate messages

  1. If the user was sending messages over Communicate, and if no one else from your firm was on the thread, then we strongly recommend that you contact Smokeball support and ask for their username and password prior to deactivation. 
  2. This is so you can find all the threads with active messages from the clients as otherwise you will need to check each matter that user was assigned to.
  3. Assign the former user's Communicate messages to another staff member

Next steps

Verify the completion of all these steps by reviewing the Full Matter List, Lead Full List, and Full Event List reports. Learn more about using reports in Smokeball

Additional Resources

If you would like a visual demonstration of these steps, please view these Webinars:

If you need additional assistance with any of these steps, our training team is another great resource. Schedule time with a trainer.



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